Oscar Romp

"Original and well executed."
Sonia Harman
Thompson's Gallery Marlebone

Arts for Health

Site-specific sensibility and solutions within healthcare.

My practice as a site-specific artist has keyed into a growing awareness within healthcare institutions of the importance of the visual environment and its potential impact on the wellbeing of patients.

1994, I was commissioned to research, design and paint a series of 30 mural panels along the main corridor of Kings College Hospital.

Throughout the 1990s, I led workshops for the charity Creative Response of Farnham leading creative arts workshops with disadvantaged adults within the community.

In 2000, I was commissioned by South East Arts and the Krattiger Rennison Trust to conduct a Year of the Artist residency at the Sussex Beacon, a centre of care for people affected by HIV.

Collaborative workshops and one-to-one tutorials with participants led to a series of site-specific canvasses and an exhibition of the residency artworks at the Phoenix Galleries, Brighton, which included artworks from both the artist and from project participants.