Oscar Romp

"Your work is indeed engaging."
Yvonna Elphick
Whitford Fine Art

Arts for Health

Frimley Park site-specific mural

“I felt frustrated by the sacred white walls of art galleries and the lack of real access to the art world. So I searched for more secular contexts for my work. Why can’t original and interesting artwork flourish in settings that are every-day? Why should art be divorced from life, viewed only on Sundays within designated, vacuum-sealed art spaces? Art and creativity should have a place in every aspect of our lives.”

At Frimley Park I developed five initial ceiling tile images into a series of 40 pictures, one above each patient’s bed.

In a follow-on commission from Frimley Park 2005–06, I developed these ideas further for a 16ft by 4ft mural on canvas in MAU Reception.

In this piece, the qualitative “windows out” overwhelmed the work-a-day world of the ward.

I developed a creative practice which fuses my personal approach with a capacity to absorb ideas and influences from patients, staff and host organisations.

The mural in MAU is exhibited in its original form whilst the ceiling and wall artwork on the ward is reproduced digitally at actual size and protected with laminate or protective seals.

Archival-quality materials were used throughout both projects